Grave of the Fireflies – To Love and Hopelessness

Okay, first of all, this is a Studio Ghibli anime film. I know, some of you have been staying away from anything animated, considering it as inferior, child-like or maybe, without any reason. But will you trust me on this one?

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Mandela – A Satire Worth Your Time

When I started out watching Mandela, the Tamil political satire cinema, I could not contain my smile. The film begins with two different political parties, firmly rooted in casteism fighting over a newly built toilet. The casteism is extremely visible, with direct dialogues on it and symbolism with the help of a chappal. But what makes Mandela different is its humour, and of course, humour is the best way to get your message straight to the audience, and Mandela gets it done beautifully well.

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Let the Women Be

On some days, I feel hopeful. I believe that there’s going to be change, the world can become a better place. Recently, I saw a very cute little kid questioning the patriarchy in language, speaking of how it is ‘not nice’ to have a world of letters organised and powered by men, how it needs a restructuring, and I felt so warm and happy. I thought, here is a little girl, thinking of making the world a better place. That was beautiful. 

The very next day came in a verdict from the Bombay High Court, declaring that groping is not groping citing specific sartorial details, which is always a matter of debate in every sexual assault. The usual questions of what the woman was wearing, if it was too short, too revealing and sometimes even questions on whether the particular attire was sleeveless, aah, the beauty of Indian politicians and lawyers.

Now, here’s the best part. I’m not shocked. Earlier, I would have been. I would have probably joined the bandwagon of the wonderful women in my class who are always dissecting patriarchy and I would have shared my opinion on this matter in a WhatsApp status that perhaps even Zuckerberg would watch considering the new terms of privacy. 

Please do not mistake my non-reaction to conformity. I am terribly upset, but this is not the only reason. I have been listening to countless incidents of assaults and injustices in my whole life. Now, I am in a state of thinking in my mind, ‘So, what’s next?’.

I remember an incident of how an entire fight broke out on the University campus on a particularly joyous night because a woman was groped. Nothing happened thereafter, except that the very few men and woman (yes, a woman) who stood up for her were beaten up, turning the entire issue to a matter of cultural differences. Returning to my hostel, I felt terrible that day. Why? Because I was helpless. This same sense of helplessness clutches my heart every time I see or listen to a new case of sexual assault, because I am seeing it every single day, in WhatsApp statuses, newspapers and the mockery of media that capitalises on the sensational news report that they have found.

I am even more helpless as I see privileged men in my contact list defining what feminism is, creating their own ideas of who a real feminist is and making assumptions about my own privileges and probably gossiping to their friend nearby about my status in the society based on my class, caste and gender identities. I am also tired of seeing men appropriate the feminist movement and put up a #feminist in their Instagram bio and think they are doing a favour towards the oppressed women. Aww. 

Now kindly, let me be. Let the women be.

Peanut Butter Falcon and Bangalore Days

Being empathetic is honestly a little difficult sometimes. Mostly, while facing someone with problems, let it be anything at all, sympathy surfaces in for most of us. Here’s the deal – we yearn for good listeners. We yearn for people who can empathetically understand what we are, what we are trying to say and what we desire. When I say empathetic, I’m on the lookout for people who can understand wholeheartedly. Now, this is difficult. 

Think about it. You might be a good person. But how many times have we made someone else feel lesser than us somehow, when being sympathetic? How many times have we made people think, “well, maybe I should give up, clearly I’m at a disadvantage”. How many times have we gone “ayyo, pavam” but haven’t done anything to truly understand the situation.

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A Typical College Day of a Typical Malayali Girl

I sat in front of the mirror, fresh out of shower, my loose curls clinging to my cotton churidar top, still dripping, probably in a hurry to leave my body. There I was, all dressed in a perfectly ironed salwar kameez, which happens to be three-fourth sleeved, because that’s in fashion?

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